DK1200 Triple 8K USB-C Docking Station - 100w, DP1.4

Item No.: DK1200
The DK1200 is a universal desktop usb-c docking station. It supports single 8K or triple 4K video outputs via  1 x DisplayPort and 2 x HDMI video interfaces.

The DK1200 triple-4K docking station for laptops helps you take productivity to a whole new level. With three 4K video connections, 100W Power Delivery, and USB3.0 x 2 + USB2.0 x 4 ports, the DK1200 USB-C dock is perfect for USB-C interfaced laptops. This USB-C Gen 2 docking station with  DisplayPort and HDMI support, is a perfect choice for Dual or Triple monitor setup, supporting up to triple 3840*[email protected] nearly uncompressed video resolution output , with 1 x DisplayPort and 2 x HDMI outputs. 

HDMI 1 HDMI 2 DisplayPort

Single Display

7680*[email protected] 7680*[email protected] 3840*[email protected]
Dual Display 3840*[email protected] ( HDMI+HDMI / HDMI + DP)
Triple Display 4K 30Hz

Power & Charge with 100W Power Delivery

Power and charge USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 workstation laptops & ultrabooks with 100 watt power delivery, to keep high performance laptops sufficiently charged during heavy productivity usage. Note: Power Delivery to charge your laptop is not available through USB-A.

Integrated 6-Port USB Hub & SD Card Reader

This USB-C Gen 2 docking station features 6 downstream USB ports in total to connect USB peripherals and an SD (4.0) card reader for media storage.

■ 2 x USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 - 5Gbps
■ 4 x USB-A 2.0 - 480Mbps
■ 1 x USB-C 5Gbps
■ 1 x SD 3.0 Card Reader
■ 1 x Gigabit Ethernet
■ 1 x 3.5mm Audio Interface Jack

Wide Applications

■ Ideal for 8K/4K video editing or working with high-resolution graphics
■ Work on multiple documents simultaneously in office applications
■ View multiple monitors at a glance, in financial or investment firms
■ Enhanced Power Delivery (100W) supports

Main Features

■ Triple Monitor Output - 1 x DisplayPort and 2x HDMI (DP Alt Mode)
■ Max. Supported Resolution
    - Single Display - 8K 30Hz / DisplayPort - 4K 60Hz
    - Dual Display - 4K60Hz+4K60Hz
    - Triple Display- 4K 30Hz
■ 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 4 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x USB-C 5Gbps
■ 130mm(L)x105mm(W)×50mm(H)

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